Disney Party

is now available on Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox

Group-watch Disney with distant friends and family!

The Disney Party extension provides a unique opportunity for subscribers to enjoy Disney content with their beloved friends and family. It includes all their favorite shows, movies, short films, and a lot more, regardless of geographical distance. Moreover, this innovative Disney Party feature allows you to synchronize your Disney show viewing experience seamlessly. It also lets you connect with individuals from various corners of the world. Furthermore, the Disney Party extension goes beyond just viewing. It enables interactive engagement by facilitating real-time chat among all participants during the Disney show. This combination of shared entertainment and virtual interaction creates an immersive and connected experience for Disney enthusiasts, making every viewing session a memorable and enjoyable one.

How to use the Disney Party?

Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Disney with the Disney Party extension, where creating or joining watch parties has always been challenging. Whether you are longing to relive cherished Disney classics or discover new favorites, the magic of shared entertainment awaits. Now, follow these simple extension installation steps to embark on your captivating Disney journey:-

Install Disney Party
Pin the extension to the toolbar
Log in to your Disney account
Play a video
Create a Disney Plus Watch Party
Join a Disney Party

Amazing features of Disney Party

With these unique features, the Disney Party extension transcends traditional watch parties, offering an immersive and interactive platform that brings the magic of Disney to life in new and exciting ways. Elevate your Disney viewing experience and create cherished memories that intertwine with the enchantment of your favorite characters and stories. Now, let’s dig into it:-

Chat with friends
Full HD support
Connect from Anywhere
Customize your virtual party profile
Control your Disney Party

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