Disney Party

is now available on Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox

Group-watch Disney with distant friends and family!

Disney Party extension enables the subscribers to watch Disney with their favorite people even while living away from them. You can watch any Disney show with people staying in different locations anywhere in the world in perfect sync. Not only this, but you can also chat with the other watch party participants while watching the Disney show.

How to use the Disney Party?

You can create or join watch parties with the extension for free by following the below steps: –

You can install the extension on Chromebook, Windows, or macOS devices by Clicking here. Please note that the Disney Party extension is only compatible with the above laptops and PCs or Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge browsers.

After installing the extension, you need to pin it to the toolbar. For this, you have to visit the “Extensions” section of the browser. Now, you can pin this extension to the toolbar.

All the users who wish to enjoy the extension must have a Disney subscription to access its shows. Furthermore, you need to log in to your account.

Search and play the Disney video that you want to watch at your watch party.

If you want to host a watch party, you need to click on the “DP” button (Disney Plus icon) at the toolbar after logging in to your account. Now, tap on the “Start the Party” option to generate the virtual party link. Lastly, you need to copy and share the code with your people to invite them to your Disney Party.

You can join the watch party with the help of the Disney Party link shared with you by your friend. However, before clicking on the link, please ensure that you have installed the Disney Party extension and logged in to your Disney account.

Amazing features of Disney Party

Apart from creating and joining the watch party, the virtual party extension also comes with other unique features: –

Disney Party enables the users to chat while watching their favorite Disney videos in sync. Therefore, you can also comment and have a discussion on the show and video while watching it in real-time.

The extension has been developed to provide the users with a seamless watch party experience. Therefore, it also supports HD video quality and fast buffering.

The extension is available all across the world for free. Therefore, no matter how far you are from your loved ones, you can always enjoy watching your favorite Disney shows with them.

You can also customize your virtual party profile by applying your favorite user icon or username. Moreover, you get a variety of funny, cute, and colorful avatars with the extension that you can apply as your user icon.

You can control the virtual party as a host. For this, you need to enable the “Only I have control” button while creating the party. With this feature, you can have complete control of the party, like playing or pausing the video, increasing or lowering the volume, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Disney Party is a free tool that lets users create or join Disney virtual parties. In addition to this, the users can also chat while streaming the show together.

The extension can be installed on the following laptop or PC: –




Yes, the extension has a chat feature through which you can chat with your friends while watching the extension.

You can create Virtual Party with the following steps: –

First of all, Disney subscribers must sign in to their Disney account.

After this, they should play the show/video they want to watch during the watch party.

Now, they should click on the DP button given in the toolbar to open the “Create a Party” window

Here, they have the option to control the party by keeping the “Only I have control” button ON. However, if the users do not want to control the party, they can turn it off.

In the next step, please select the “Start a Party” button to get the Party URL. Lastly, just copy and share this URL with all the people you want to join in the party.

To join a Disney Party, first, you need to install the extension on your laptop or PC (Chromebook, Windows, or macOS). After this, log in to the Disney account and click on the link your friend shared with you to join the party!

Yes, it is necessary for all the participants to be available in the same country. However, if any person (S) is not in the same country, they can use VPN.

You can either use Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge browsers to install the extension.