Disney Party

is now available on Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox

Group-watch Disney with distant friends and family!

Disney Party extension enables the subscribers to watch Disney with their favorite people even while living away from them. You can watch any Disney show with people staying in different locations anywhere in the world in perfect sync. Not only this, but you can also chat with the other watch party participants while watching the Disney show.

How to use the Disney Party?

You can create or join watch parties with the extension for free by following the below steps: –

Install Disney Party
Pin the extension to the toolbar
Log in to your Disney account
Play a video
Create a Disney Plus Watch Party
Join a Disney Party

Amazing features of Disney Party

Apart from creating and joining the watch party, the virtual party extension also comes with other unique features: –

Chat with friends
Full HD support
Connect from Anywhere
Customize your virtual party profile
Control your Disney Party

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